Sunday, June 26, 2011

Herman Cain and John Stewart: It's only comedy, plus Conservatives, especially the African-Amercian ones, are all inherently racist.

Did anyone out there see John Stewart tear into Herman Cain? So Stewart can use a "Black voice" to ridicule Herman Cain, but Rush Limbaugh is routinely called a racist when he dons a "Black voice" to ridicule Obama.  Psychologically, this is very interesting.  It perfectly illustrates the Tribal (Statist) mentality.  Members of the Tribe accept Tribal knowledge as the pinnacle of achievable thought. It evolves only when evolved by their academic elite, and includes opinion.  The majority of Left-leaning Tribesmen and -women believe, for example, that Limbaugh is indeed a racist not because they've listened to his show or received hard evidence, but because they've accepted in toto the Tribal canon.  Now perhaps it's your opinion based on actual research and experience that Limbaugh is a racist.  That's fine.  Odds are you've applied that critical thinking to people like Stewart.  But amidst Alinksy style subterfuge and political and personal attacks, there is always much more critical thinking required than the Tribe is usually willing to accommodate.

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